THE REMEDIO NUTRITION CONSULTING CENTRE arose from the need of its founder, Agnieszka Kuczewska, nutrition specialist by education, passionate helper and supporter of others by vocation and character. At Remedio, we share our knowledge and experience as well as motivate to accomplish our patients’ goals. We help them to change their unhealthy nutritional habits for good. At Remedio, we support people because we understand how difficult it is to undergo change though the change is for the better.

Our name, Remedio, derives from a Latin word of “remedium”, that is, aid, cure; we believe that healthy nutritional habits and healthy lifestyle may prevent numerous illnesses and contribute to long, healthy and joyful life.



Nutritional specialist by education. Several years of professional experience in such areas as medical nutrition for highly sensitive patients, e.g. children with food allergies and undernourished patients due to their medical condition. Extensive liaisons with medical doctors, dieticians, and patients and their families.




I am not only a theoretician, but also a practitioner in rational nutrition and healthy lifestyle. I became interested in diet long time ago when I just started to think how to keep my shape. With my personal experience, I am now able to understand persons who want to get rid of those unnecessary kilograms. I know that change of lifestyle is not easy nor something that happens overnight. You have to prepare yourself for it. Not only in theory, but also how to prepare your body and mind. You have to find time to think over what is important. Maybe make a list of things to be changed? And then introduce the changes in small steps; small successes will be motivating for further work. I encourage my patients to take care for themselves through permanent change of their nutritional habits and lifestyle because I know that such change means more health, more joy and more optimism.